Digital & Tech Knowledge Transfer Zone

The Integrated Review Refresh 2023 updated the government’s security, defence, development and foreign policy priorities to reflect changes in the global context since its previous incarnation in 2021.

Real World Impact

To deliver on its ambitions, a refreshed Defence Command Paper has also been published and outlines how Defence will increase its productivity and focus on areas that would achieve real-world impact.

 These aims are to be achieved by investing in people, exploiting innovation in digital, data and science & technology, forging a closer relationship with industry, improving the MOD’s acquisition processes, adopting an activist approach to defence exports, and maximising productivity.

Moving with the times

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently attracted headlines and is set to play a crucial role across all aspects of Defence whether it be operational, strategic, decision making or procurement.

The Digital and Tech Knowledge Transfer Zone allows delegates to discover how AI and data will be harnessed to create a ‘digital backbone’ for Defence and how the search for new disruptive technology will create opportunities for the defence supply chain.